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Installation in Magento

Payment module for Magento

With Bambora's free payment module for Magento it’s easy to accept payment cards in your webshop.

Magento is a professional and free open source solution for e-commerce which is based on PHP and MySQL. Bambora's module is easy to install and very user-friendly – so you can focus on your business.

Follow the 4-step guide and you’re ready to accept credit cards.

1. Create a Bambora account

You need a test account for Bambora in order to try the payment module. Sign up for a free test account below; it’s fast, easy, and free. When your account is created, you receive a merchant number for testing the payment module.

Get Bambora for free

Please state that you want a test account in the comment field in step 2.

If and when you want to receive real payments using the payment module, Bambora will upgrade your test account to a production account. This way you don’t have to create a new one.

2. Install Bambora's payment module in Magento


NB: Make a backup of your website before beginning installation.

It's easy to install Bambora's module/plugin in Magento. All you need to do is download our latest plugin: Download Bambora for Magento here. (Note: Choose the .tgz file.)

Once you've downloaded the plugin to your computer, you're able to import/install it in your Magento administration.

1) Login to your Magento webshop

2) Navigate to: System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. (See image 1)

3) Login with your administrator user to access the Magento Connect Manager. (See image 2)

4) Now choose the "Direct Package File Upload" option, browse for the file you downloaded, and hit upload. (See image 3)

Bambora's payment module is now uploaded in Magento. When the installation process is done, it will say ‘Procedure Completed’ (see image 4).

Next, press the button ‘Refresh’.

To complete the installation simply click ‘Return to admin’ at the top.

3. Activate Bambora's module in Magento

To activate the Bambora module log in to your administration in Magento, and go to System -> Configuration in the menu. Next, find and click Payment Methods in the left menu (located towards the bottom in the group Sales). Bambora is available from the list of payment methods in Magento (please see image 5). 

If Bambora is not on the list, it might be caused by cache being activated in Magento. Empty your cache (using the settings in your browser), or restart your webserver. You can temporarily disable cache in Magento in the menu System -> Cache Management -> All Cache

You can now activate the payment module. The setting “Enabled” should be at Yes (see image 6). Enter the merchant number you received from Bambora. It’s either a test or production merchant number.

When you’ve entered the above information, press the button ‘Save Config’ (the orange button at the top). The module is now activated in Magento.

NB: Please activate “Send Email Order Confirmation”. If you don’t, your customers will not receive an order confirmation at completed payment.

In section 2 in Configuration you can read more on how to configure the payment module.

Saved CC
Please disable the payment form “Saved CC” (see image 7). This has nothing to do with Bambora's module.

4. Test the payment module

When you’ve configured the module for Magento with your test merchant number, it’s easy to find out if it works properly.

First, make sure that the domain you use for testing is registered in your Bambora administration in the menu Settings -> Payment system. If your domain is not registered correctly, Bambora cannot open the payment window and show it to your customers.

Now make a purchase in your shop as if you were a regular customer. At checkout you choose to pay using Bambora, and a new page will appear (see image 8). Here the customers are informed of the steps of the payment process.

Having confirmed their order, the customers are sent to a page which automatically opens the payment window. Find an example of the payment window in image 9. You can add your own logo and company information at the top of the window. These setting are controlled from the Bambora administration in the menu Settings -> Payment Window

The customers choose between all the payment methods that are active on your Bambora account.

When the customers have completed the payment and closed the payment window, they are sent to a confirmation page, which you can define in Magento (see image 10).

The order process is now done. The order is received at the webstore, and the payment information is received at Bambora.
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