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Payment requests in Magento

Send payment requests from Magento

A payment request is an email containing a link that opens the payment window.

You can send payment request to a customer if the payment on an order was not completed or if you change the order (for instance, if you added more items). 

Click here for a short description of payment requests.

You can create payment requests from Magento. Follow the instructions below to create and send a payment request.

Payment requests are not free

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1. Activate payment requests in Magento

Note: Payment requests are supported from version 2.6.1 of the Bambora module. It's a beta version, and all use is at your own risk.

You can activate payment requests in the settings for the Bambora module in Magento.

Find the module settings in Magento under System -> Configuration, and press Payment Methods towards the bottom of the menu on the left. Choose Bambora from the list.

Please note that you MUST activate the setting Process payments from within the order administration of Magento.

Also, you MUST enter a password at Remote password. This password has to match the password you entered in your Bambora administration under API/Webservices -> Access.

Click on ’Save Config’ at the top right corner to save your changes.

You've now activated payment requests.

2. Create payment requests

You create payment requests from the order view in Magento.

Go to Sales -> Orders in Magento, and click on one of your orders. 

Press ’Create Payment Request’ in the top right corner (see image 24).

You can now see the order number, amount, and currency of the payment (see image 25). You cannot edit this information as it is retrieved from the order in Magento.

Press the tab Email on the left (see image 26) to see the names and email addresses of the receiver and sender of the payment request (this information is retrieved from the tab Sales Representative under Configuration -> Store Email Addresses in Magento).You can edit all this information. 

Click on ’Send payment request’ in the top right corner to send the payment request.

You can see the email you've sent in your Bambora administration under Logs and events -> Emails sent to you.

When the payment request is paid, you receive an email receipt.

3. View payment requests

You can find all the payment requests you've created in Magento under Sales -> ePay Payment Request.

Click on a payment request for more information.

On the right you can see if the payment request is open or closed. If it's open, the payment has not yet been completed. 

A payment request is automatically closed when a payment is registered. This is due to the fact that you can only complete one payment per order number in Magento.


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